China Aluminum International Engineering Co., Ltd. (CHALIECO), founded in December, 2003, is the strategic unit of engineering technology of CHINALCO. It has obtained the comprehensive Grade-A qualification for engineering design. The company was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Exchanges (HKEX stock code: 02068.HK) on July 6, 2012 and the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE stock code: 601068.SH) on August 31, 2018, becoming the first “A+H” stock of nonferrous engineering technology.

With more than 13,000 employees, CHALIECO is a high-tech company integrating technology R&D, surveying and mapping, engineering design, engineering construction, equipment manufacturing, engineering aluminum application and various related investments. It has 5 national Grade-A design and research institutes, 2 national Grade-A survey institutes and 3 large comprehensive construction and installation companies.

CHALIECO has won a total of nearly 900 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards and nearly 100 national scientific and technological awards, including 2 first prizes and more than 20 second prizes for the State Science and Technology Awards, compiled and participated in the compilation of more than 140 national and industrial standards and regulations, and obtained more than 2,800 domestic and foreign patents with effective authorization, of which 45% are invention patents, created more than 100 records in China and throughout the world, and promoted the rapid development of China's nonferrous industry.

As the absolute leader of the industry in terms of technology, qualification, talent and whole-industry-chain advantages, CHALIECO provides all-round technical, engineering design and construction services for all businesses in the whole industry chain of non-ferrous metal.

Development Vision:To build a first-class domestic non-ferrous metal engineering company with global core competitiveness

Strategic Positioning: A technology leader in the non-ferrous metal industry, the main force of engineering construction of non-ferrous metal, and a fresh troop of infrastructure and civil engineering construction

Development Strategy: Concentrate on core responsibilities and businesses, implement “S&T+Internationalization” strategy

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